Pricvacy Policy and Cookies info

Who are you?

My name is Justyna and I’m just a person who wants to share information about my city. I’m not a company and I made this website just for fun. And to practice my english, to be honest 🙂 I’m not selling anything here or working on anyones behalf. There might be some ads on the website, which will help me to pay for the server costs etc.

Do I collect or use any personal data?

Yes. I collect some basic information about visitors, like: the country, language, time spent on the website, web browser, device used, etc. that might be considered as personal data.


To know how to make this website better! Knowing all this can help me to create posts that”ll be interesting for you, and suitable for most used devices. For example, I’ll know if I should make more stuff suited for smartfones or not? Write more about historic places or the recently built ones? On which day should I publish new posts?

To know all of this, I use


which are small text files, saved on your device by websites that you visit. They contain some information that help to know more about visitors. Note: as site owner, I CAN NOT see individual cookies of my guests, only a summary of all visitors data.

Remember, cookies are stored on your computer, not on my website. You can alwas delete cookies and change your web browser settings to fit your needs. You can even disable any cookies at all, ant it’s still OK, this website will still work and look the same for you. What will it mean for me? Without cookies, each time you visit, the website statistics will see you as a new user, not the returning one, and I may not know things like which parts of the website were most interesting for you (still: only as part of overall summary, I do not see individual sessions). That’s all.

Who else has access to the data you collect?

For the statistical purposes, I use stats from WordPress (the system that runs this website) and Google Analytics.

For the purpose of ads visible on, I use Google Adsense.

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Do I share this information with anyone?

Yes, I share these Information to be able to use some services like Google Analytics (where I can check what people do on my website) and Google Adsense (for ads that you might see here).

I only use non-personalised ads, which means that ads are shown based on the content of current post (i.e.

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What can I do?

You can always adjust your browser settings to disable cookies. It’s OK, this website will still look the same for you.

I have questions!

Feel free to write at