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Mevo, the Gdansk (and Tricity) public bicycle

The Gdansk public bike system – Metropolitan Bicycle (in polish: Rower Metropolitarny) called Mevo was about to start in November 2018, but… well. A “little” delay happened.

I’ll update this article as soon as more official information, like prices, will be announced.

Actual status 10.03.2019: Hooray! Mevo starts on 26 march. I’ll post all the necessary information soon!

Note: Browsing the web, you can find some information about the “Tricity Public Bicycle” (Rower Trójmiejski). The system was only working in Sopot in years 2013-2015, and was then closed mostly because of the high prices and area limited to Sopot only.

Public bicycles in Gdansk: basic information about Mevo

As far as we know, ALL of the bicycles will have an electric support. It would be great, because some partf of the city (Morena, Chełm, and other districts) are based on a hills difficult for non-trained cyclists.

There’s no final information about prices yet. As far as we know, there will be no free rental time.

Nextbike will operate the system, so bicycles would probably look something like this one:

Source: Mevo profile on

Public bike stations in Gdansk (and other nearby cities)

Click here to download a map of all stations (website in polish). Note, that this autumn they’ll run only about 30% of the full system (which oficially starts in march 2019).

Why Mevo? What does it mean?

The name of metropolitan public bicycle was selected in the competition, first everyone could come up with a name idea, and then they let everybody vote for one of three best names. Two other possible names were Kóło (for bicycle in kashubian language) and Metrower. Mevo got over 50% of all votes.

Mevo means seagull in esperanto.

Stay tuned!

I’ll update this article as soon as any information about prices or the bicycles appears 🙂