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How to get from / to Gdansk airport?

Like many cities, Gdansk has its airport located on the outskirts of the city. But, in our case, “outskirts” means only about 20-30 minutes from the city centre.
See how to get from airport to the city, and from the city to the airport!

One important travel tip from me:
When flying from Gdansk, check the flight schedule at the airport website (here).
Why? The airport isn’t very big and in some hours, for example weekday mornings (6 AM) there are LOTS of flights starting the same time which might cause a long queues to the security check. Plan your trip so you’ll have enough time for this 🙂

So, how can you travel from airport to city centre? You have many options: by taxi, by shared car, by bus, by train or even electric scooter! You’ll find more information about each option below.

NOTE: information below was last checked at autumn 2020. I’ll try to update this post when some changes happen.


1) By taxi

There should be some taxis waiting just near the airport entrance. But, make sure you know the price before getting in! As in many other countries, sometimes there are some jerks who will inflate the cost to an absurd level.

There should be some kind of sign with current price rate somewhere near the entrance.

Neptun Taxi is an officially approved company. You can also use some mobile app for calling a cab: Taxify, FreeNow (former myTaxi) and Uber are here.

2) By shared car

Note: I’d rather not consider this as 100% sure option as it depends on current car availability and there  might not be any cars in your neighbourhood. But might be worth trying! Also you have to remember, that you can’t leave the shared car on any paid parking lot.

At this moment in Gdansk you can use one of the car companies listed below. You’ll have to download an app to use them and provide some information (your driving license for example) so it’s much better to do this before your trip.


Both train and bus stops are located just near the airport entrance:

Bus and trans stops near Gdansk airport

3) By bus:

You can travel to and from Gdansk airport by city busses, it’s about 25 minutes ride to Wrzeszcz district or 30 minutes to old city / city centre / main train station.

Ticket options: check here for current prices. It’s less than 1 EUR or 1 USD for a single ticket.

You can buy the needed one in a ticket machine, which should also be near the bus stop, car drivers can also sell some tickets except the 3,20 ones. You can also buy the ticket in SkyCash app.

Which bus line should I take to/from the Gdansk airport?

Click “schedule” to go to the city bus website:

110 to Wrzeszcz district [schedule]
210 to city centre / main train station [schedule]
122 to Wrzeszcz or Sopot [schedule]
N3 (night line)
– to Wrzeszcz [schedule]
– to city centre / main train station [schedule]

Need more help with your travel? Check this great Jakdojade (means: “how do I get to”) website which will help you find the best combination of public transport (bus, tram and train included). You can set english language in upper right corner.

4) by train (SKM / PKM)

Huh, that one might be tricky. It’s very easy to drive from the airport as the train station is located just near the entrance. The PKM train doesn’t go to the city centre, only to Wrzeszcz (or to city Gdynia) – where you can switch to any other transport, bus, tram, or other train.

But when driving to the airport, from the Wrzeszcz PKP station, you have to be very careful – there are two platforms and you have to check carefully which one is the right one.

Aand the tickets: the train is called PKM (Pomorska Kolej Metropolitarna) but it’s operated by SKM (Szybka Kolej Miejska), which means: you should ask for PKM train, but buy the SKM ticket 🙂
There are also two options for the ticket: a typical one based on the distance between chosen stops or the “city” one which gives you one ride inside the city for the same price. When going from Wrzeszcz to the airport the city ticket is the best option.

You can buy the tickets using the ticket machine. Buying the tickets from the cinductor will cost you an extra fee (around 1-2 EUR/USD i think).

You can fond the train schedule on PKM website: click.

Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash