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Free Museums in Gdansk

In Poland, most of the public museums have to set up one day with free entrance. Look below and check if you can find a free museum during your stay.

Note: these free days at museums can be quite crowded, and the free tickets are usually limited. I strongly recommend getting there in the mornings. Especially the World War II Museum is very popular – but totally worth it!!

[information below is actual for 08.10.2018. I’ll make my best to keep this up to date, but please check it before your visit]

Free on all days

  • BHP Hall (Sala BHP) >> website
  • Temporary exhibitions at European Solidarity Centre (ECS). The main exhibition does not have a free entrance day but is really, really worth visiting! >> website
  • Gdansk City Gallery (Gdańska Galeria Miejska) >> website
  • Animal exhibition and Amber Museum at University of Gdansk >> photos on my polish blog
  • Armoury of Arts (Zbrojownia Sztuki) >> website

Free Museums on Mondays

  • Amber Museum – from 01.10 to 27.04 >> website
  • Uphagen House – from 28.04 to 30.09 >> website

Free Museums on Tuesdays

  • Warld War II Museum >> website
  • Ratusz Głównego Miasta – only from 28.04 to 30.09 (always check before visit, it’s closed for some ocasions) >> website
  • Amber Museum – from 01.10 to do 30.09 >> website
  • Uphagen House – from 01.10 to do 27.04 >> website
  • Polish Post Office Museum >> website

Free Museums on Wednesdays

  • Granaries on Ołowianka Island >> website
  • The Crane >> website
  • Maritime Culture Centre >> website
  • Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art >> website

Free Museums on Fridays

Free Museums on Saturdays

Free Museums on Sundays