European Solidarity Centre

If you have only time to visit one museum during your stay, choose the European Solidarity Centre. Definitely.

Gdansk is a home to the Solidarity Movement. This  museum shows it all, not only the history we learn at school, but also a history of everyday life in a communist country.

Photo source: Charlie Jackson (CC license)

Make sure you have at least 3 hours to spend here, the exhibit is so amazing that it still can be not enough.

Unfortunately, I wasnt able to take any pictures from the inside, but watch this video and you’ll have an idea of what to expect:

There is no free ticket day, but without any ticket you can still: enter the hall, see some temporary exhibitions and go to the roof with great view to the city.

Practical information:

The normal tickets are 20 zł, whis is about 5,3 USD or 4,6 EUR.

Theres a parking lot under the building, prices below:

1. First 30 minutes | free of charge
2. Commenced first hour | PLN 4 
3. Commenced second hour | PLN 4 
4. Commenced third hour | PLN 5 
5. Commenced fourth hour and every subsequent hour | PLN 10

Information actual on 10.10.2018.

Visit website:

That’s how it looks inside!

And the roof: